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1. Players from which countries, of what age, teams of what level are expected to take part in the Youth Basketball Festival?

Basketball teams of

Age group  


U10 - boys born in 2009 – 2010

U12 - boys born in 2007 – 2008

U14 - boys born in 2005 – 2006

U16 - boys born in 2003 – 2004

U18 - boys born in 2001 – 2002


U10 - girls born in 2009 – 2010

U12 - girls born in 2007 – 2008

U14 - girls born in 2005 – 2006

U16 - girls born in 2003 – 2004

from any country recognized by Hungary or countries that are members of the FIBA are welcome to the festival. Basketball teams wishing to participate in the competition do not have to be members of a club by all means. District or region, town or county or representative teams, school teams, sports academies or further youth basketball teams can take part in the festival.

Each team which participates at the INTERSPORT Youth Basketball Festival may have 1 player in its team who is older than the team's age group. But this player may only be maximum of one year older than the age group. 

2. Who can participate in the Youth Basketball Festival?

All kinds of teams mentioned under point 1, and under the following conditions:

a; all members of the participant team, their leaders and attendants have valid permission to enter the Hungarian territory.

It is the responsibility of the travelers to the Youth Basketball Festival 2019 - Hungary that they respect the rules of entering the country. The Youth Basketball Festival management does not bear responsibility for those who do not meet the requirements of entering the European Union. If the team (coach, players, accompaniments) - from any reason - is not able to enter Hungary, and cannot appear in the place of the Festival (city of Kaposvar), or at the Airport of Budapest, Vienna, or Bratislava (if the Youth Basketball Festival organizers were notified) than the Youth Basketball Festival organizers do not take any responsibility for any damages or loss. The organizers of the Youth Basketball Festival do not have any payback guaranties in this case, and they do not have any further responsibilities.

b; Sportsmen, leaders and attendants of the participating teams are to submit to accreditation before the contest. Each member, leader and attendant of the team has to agree to be identified on the basis of passports or identity cards provided with a photo, which contain the date of birth and citizenship of the participants. These are needed to keep the fairness of the competition and for preparing the participation and identity cards with individual code numbers. They will be used during the whole period of the festival.

c; On accreditation the leader of the team in the name of all the team members and attendants approves by his/her signature of the fact that the organizing committee does not take the responsibility for any kinds of injuries ensued during the festival or damages to people or objects during festival events. The whole responsibility is taken by the leader of the group, its members and attendants themselves who are in charge of their own health, possessions, valuables and themselves. The leader of the team also admits that the organizing committee does not take any responsibility for any sorts of accidents, damages of possessions or any other kinds of damages during the time of the event, during the travel to the festival or travelling back home.

d; On arrival at the accreditation the leader of the team signs a statement about the fact that all the members of the team, the leader and the attendants have responsibility insurance and in case of proved damages made by the members, trainers or attendants the team assumes financial responsibility. (e.g. for damaging objects of the hotel, losing them, hooliganism or damages in values relied on the members of the team, etc.)

3. About the acceptance of the rules and regulations of the Youth Basketball Festival

The teams and their leaders and attendants that wish to take part in the Youth Basketball Festival have to accept the rules of the festival. Concerning the rules, please consult the Youth Basketball Festival Rules. Your registration for the festival (qualifying for the entry and paying the registration fee) will mean that you accept the arrangement rules of the festival, the rules of refereeing the matches and in case of possible arguments you accept the decisions of the referre and arbiter. All teams, their leaders and attendants who wish to participate in the festival have to behave in the spirit of fair play. Since teams are arriving from all parts of the world, it's of basic importance to be tolerant and respectful towards other teams and play an honest game during the contest. Members of the team who do not observe the basic rules of human behavior after several requesting and commands and disturb the process of the festival events for several times (for example, act as racists, hurt other people's dignity, do not recognize the Fair Play spirit, are violent, aggressive and bully) in the opinion of the organizing committee, can be disqualified from the Youth Basketball Festival on the basis of the resolution of the festival director. In that case the organizing committee of the Youth Basketball Festival will break up all kinds of contracts unilaterally and will refer to law.

4. Registration and payment deadline

The basic condition of taking part in the Youth Basketball Festival is that the teams contact the organizing committee and pay the registration fee via bank transfer, which will confirm their wish of participation. The registration fee is 20% of the accommodation price. The registration fee will be part of the accommodation expenses. Obviously, the team that qualifies among the firsts and pays the registration fee will have some advantages concerning accommodation and will also have a better choice of entertaining facilities and programs of other kinds. Another reason for early contacting the chief organizers of the festival is that in groups of certain ages the number of participant teams is limited. Thus, it can happen that months before the deadline of the payment of the registration fee in groups of certain ages the appointed number of teams will reach the top, and the team will not be able to join the festival in the appropriate age group. Registration deadline is 10 May, 2019.

One can qualify for the INTERSPORT Youth Basketball Festival by filling out the registration form at the 'Registration' link of our web site, or sending an e-mail or postal letter to the organizing committee.


Postal address: INTERSPORT Youth Basketball Festival Organizing Office

1138 Budapest, Váci út 91A.

Hungary, Europe

Telephone: +36 20 / 285-8070, (Monday to Friday, 10:00 - 18:00)

5. Accommodation fees, payment for the meals, payment deadlines

A further condition of taking part in the festival is that the teams make the payment for their accommodation and meals on the basis of former agreement with the organizing committee on their category and type. Teams that arrive not by own bus will have to pay for bus transfer from the airport or railway station. The participation fees depend on the category of accommodation but they do not differ within a category. 30 May, 2019 is the deadline of paying for accommodation and meals, for teams arriving not by own bus paying for the airport transfer. All these fees should be paid by bank transfer.

Participants of the Youth Basketball Festival can only be put up in accommodation places offered by the chief organizers of the tournament. If any of the teams wishes to arrange accommodation individually, they have to pay 30 EUR / playing day / person till 30 April 2019, by bank transfer onto the Youth Basketball Festival bank account.

6. Safety/Medical Support

It is very important to mention the whole Youth Basketball Festival is strictly guarded (meaning accommodation, basketball courts, teams' buses etc.) and the organizers do everything about your maximum safety. Although there are no terrorist activities in Hungary, it is very important to us to make sure about 100% safety to all participating teams from their arrival to their departure.

The medical support in the Youth Basketball Festival is perfect. Highly skilled doctors and medical teams are working for Youth Basketball Festival . We came to an agreement with all the hospitals in the vicinity of Youth Basketball Festival . In case of serious injuries an ambulance will be ready to take the injured person immediately to the nearest hospital. All Youth Basketball Festival participant players (posessing the official Youth Basketball Festival card) are entitled for maximum medical support during the tournament.

INTERSPORT Youth Basketball Festival - 2019

We are pleased to inform you that we organizing the 7th INTERSPORT Youth Basketball Festival from 4-10 July, 2019. INTERSPORT Youth Basketball Festival is one of the largest European youth tournaments in basketball. The event is going to be held in Hungary in the city of Kaposvár. As many European youth tournaments in basketball, this European youth basketball tournament is a really great opportunity for young basketball players to show their talents and skills, and also have a great time in Hungary. Hungary is one of the most beautiful countries in Central Europe with georgeous landscapes and historical sights. Our European youth basketball tournament in the last 6 years has grown to be one of the best world youth basketball tournaments. Countries such as Brazil, India, Egypt have participated along with many countries. Our international youth basketball tournament offers maximum joy, fun, and great games for all participants of this international youth basketball tournament. Welcomed basketball teams of boys U10, U12, U14, U16, U18 and girls in U10, U12, U14, and U16 age groups.

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