Kaposvar and the Intersport youth basketball festival awaits youth basketball teams again in 2020. The sport festival has been organized for 16 years and its profile expands each year. First there were only young football players who could compete but now there are a wider selection of sports. Among others, youth basketball teams may enroll. The main goal of Intersport was not organizing another European youth tournament but a lot more. This international youth basketball festival is a great opportunity for young players to meet with other talented players from other parts of the world, make friendships while competing or playing at the festival village at the main square.

Youth Basketball Tournament: three point scores beyond borders

Teams from all over the world may participate at the youth basketball tournament in six age groups, from under 10 up to Juniors. Applicants should register by 10 May, 2020. It is worth registering early since the number of teams are limited in each age group and the order is set by the time of registration. It is best to apply by the end of April. Registration can be made on all languages that the website is written.

Don’t miss out on a great experience: basketball camp for the young talented players

The downside of all European youth basketball tournaments is being only European. It bowls out the players outside of the continent. Contratily, the Intersport international youth basketball cup is available for all young players wherever part of the world they live in. This makes the youth basketball tournament a colorful, multinational event where the young players can spend a great week in a great environment.