“One of my most successful and happiest basketball experience was at the INTERSPORT Youth Basketball Festival in Kaposvar, Hungary” – many successful basketball player could recall his/her childhood memories with this line. Some of them might even participate at the upcoming European Youth Basketball Tournament between 2 and 8 July, 2020. The international youth basketball cup will be organized in 6 age groups, for boys and girls , from 12-20 years. Everybody can fight for winning the European Youth Basketball Cup. The youth basketball tournament will be organized in sportshalls, on 15 × 28 meters courts which have plastic or wooden surfaces. The balls used at the internation youth tournament are standard balls based on FIBA rules.

The basketball camp awaits young players from many countries of the world. Players may show how talented they are at this international youth basketball tournament. The youth basketball festival offers different entertainments and other programs along with great matches. Teams may enjoy their free time at the Aquapark in Kaposvar or can visit Lake Balaton which is Europe’s largest fresh-water lake. There are also several activities for the participants of the basketball tournament at the main square of Kaposvar where the Festival Village is situated.

This European Basketball Tournament gives a great opportunity for the players to get to know eachother’s culture, to make friendships and learn new things. Trainers and team leaders may exchange experiences, discuss training methods and their love of basketball.